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Operations Director (Pharma)

To run the day to day operations of the organization and find ways to make the
Company more productive by providing effective methods in its business operations. To facilitate effective working between departments in order to meet the company’s goals.


• Efficiently run laboratories – working through Laboratory Manager and Head of Compliance
• Making sure that the Laboratories are being run to SOPs
• Devising and overseeing effective implementation of systems and processes within the operation
• Working alongside Warehouse Manager setting up systems in order to efficiently run the warehouse
• Overseeing stock management
• Overseeing all logistical operations in order to ensure good service and efficiency
• Reviewing packing processes in order to provide good service
• Managing Operations Management Team including Head of Compliance, Laboratory Manager, Warehouse Manager, Customer Services and Special Obtains Supervisor. This includes appraisals, development etc.
• Ensuring good management of the above managers’ teams
• Ensuring good management practices across the business as a whole including HSSE, Equal Opportunities, diversity and inclusion
• Ensure provision and availability of stationery, office facilities, sales vehicles, liaising with suppliers as appropriate
• As part of management team meetings, contribute to the strategy of the company and participate in reviews of business issues.

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties. You will be expected to perform different tasks as required by your changing role within the company and the overall business objectives of the Group.

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