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Our Recruitment Services

Executive Search & Recruitment

In the global marketplace, key recruits and vacancies may not be something that you wish your clients, staff and competitors to be aware of until your new employee is in situ. Just Life Sciences are experienced at undertaking Executive Search and Head Hunting operations whilst maintaining distance from the firm. You can rest assured that we will handle your recruitment needs professionally, confidentially, and offsite, so only you know who is involved.

Retained Assignments

In certain circumstances, you may wish to advertise your role on professional job sites and trade magazines, however you may not have the time to take calls, sift through CVs, and then interview candidates. Just Life Sciences will take this burden away from you; we will organise the advert, take the calls, interview candidates with your specific questions, and present you with a small selection of suitable candidates ready for the final stage interview.


This involves contacting our passive and active candidates with your opportunity. We will forward a small selection of candidates who are looking for a role with your company, who are also within your salary expectations, and within budget.

Just Life Sciences sector includes

Life Sciences, Contract Research Organisations, Bio-Chemistry, Bio-Technology, Medical Devices, Clinical Research and Pharmaceuticals.